Selection Young creation video-cinema

of nine short
films that
convey the
latest move-
ment of today’s
artistic creation

Discover Pépinières' selection for the12th edition of the Young Creation Video-Cinema programme, presented in the framework of the FIPA (International Festival of Audiovisual Programmes) 2016 in Biarritz. The session will exceptionally open with the film "Ellis" by the artist JR.


SCREENING : YOUNG CREATION VIDEO-CINEMA, Thursday 20th January from 4:30 to 6:30pm at the Médiathèque de Biarritz, France.




Artist of international renown, JR develops a participative art, which promotes human relations and alterity, a human project focused on involvement and identity. He exhibits his photographic collages in the streets, on walls throughout the world, catching the eye of those whose visits at the museum are rare. In 2011, he creates the international participative art project “Inside Out”, through which anyone can photograph his own portrait in the style of an ID photograph, receive it in large format and glue it on a wall in order to support an idea, a project, and to share an experience. His cinematic creations share his approach to the Other and give the floor to those who usually do not express themselves. His film “Ellis” will open the session of the Young creation video-cinema programme in the framework of the FIPA festival in Biarritz. 


Running away from distress and poverty, millions of immigrants stopped on Ellis Island. The artist JR alludes to their stay with his collages while Robert De Niro, through the power of his evocative presence and a minimalist interpretation, walks towards these faces that express the fear of the doctors’ verdict. In this bleak space, questions remain: how many of them were sent back, how many could find liberty?




Filmmaker, cameraman and video editor, Wouter Massink followed the LUCA School of Arts’ training in audiovisual arts in Brussels, on campus Narafi. In 2013, he made a short documentary called “Belgus” about the immigration of a Polish family in Belgium and in 2014, he went to Rwanda to shoot “Ruterana: Source of Prosperity”, a series of short documentaries on hygiene and health in the Ruterana valley. Pépinières present today his short film “Der Dorpelingen van Damocles”, which was selected for this 12th edition of the Young creation video-cinema programme. 


While the viewer discovers the volumes of a religious building, a narrator tells a story from old times. With his speech, he tries to link our ancient civilisation to a current situation. At the feet of this church’s pillars, hundreds of Afghan migrants settled. Their precarious way of life contrasts with the apparent solidity of the architecture and the unalterable precepts it represents. The threat of their exclusion lingers permanently.




(LA)HORDE is a collective composed of three artists: Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer and Arthur Harel. Its field of action covers the exchange and questioning of codes in various artistic disciplines, especially in the performing arts and contemporary arts milieus. As Pépinières’ laureate for the Map programme, the collective presented its show “Avant les gens mouraient” at the Maison de l’Arbre in Montreuil, France: a choreographic piece initiated in the framework of a residency at the Montréal Contemporary Dance School in 2014. The dance video "Novaciéries", by the members of the collective and Céline Signoret, will be presented at the occasion of the Young Creation Video-Cinema programme.


Away from the dance studios, collective (LA)HORDE takes possession of unusual spaces to compose their choreographies. In the steel working plant, the only traces of human activity left are a few forklift trucks. Transformed into dance partners, these machines engage a dialogue with the performers’ bodies on a piece of hardcore music modulated by an opera singer. The Hardjump and Hakken dancers execute steps that accentuate the premises’ decline.




Filmmaker, scriptwriter and sound editor, Léo Schweitzer is a graduate from the Atelier de Sèvres in Paris, the EMCA (Animation Cinema School) in Angoulême and the École des Gobelins in Paris. His meeting with Dorian Lee led him to the shared creation of the animation film “Back Home”, which is presented at the occasion of the 12th edition of the Young creation video-cinema programme. Concurrently with his cinematic projects, his is a composer and violin player and has worked with Melodie Busker, Lucky Lindy, Issac Delusion and DMC. 



Filmmaker and scriptwriter, Dorian Lee graduated from the EMCA (Professional Animation Cinema School) in Angoulême and the École des Gobelins in Paris. He created the film “Back Home” with Léo Schweitzer, selected by Pépinières to be screened at the 12th edition of the “Young creation video-cinema” programme at the FIPA festival, in Biarritz.


Léo Schweitzer and Dorian Lee use animation to rebuild a memory of war. Two brothers end up separated from their unit and find back their brotherly relation, between rivalry and protection. “Back Home” shows the humanity that subsists even in the middle of the greatest conflicts. Time stands still before gunfire bursts in.




Filmmaker, video maker and photographer, Baptist Penetticobra graduated in photography and video from the National Higher School of Decorative Arts of Paris. In 2014, he created “Entertainment Capital of the World”, a fiction inspired from his experience of a Thanksgiving dinner shared in an American family. In 2015, he worked with Naia Lassus on six episodes of the video series “The Game of Life”, from which Pépinières present a selection at the occasion of the 12th edition of the Young Creation Video-Cinema programme at the FIPA festival in Biarritz.



Graduate of the National Higher School of Decorative Arts in photography and video, Naia Lassus is a filmmaker and video artist. In 2014, she made “Séjour calme, très calme”, an immersive project with non-professional actors, which shows an intimate and strong relationship between a mother and her daughter. Her collaboration with Baptist Penneticobra led her to the creation of the video series “The Game of Life”, the universe of which widely borrows from the American culture. 


In "The Game of Life", Naia Lassus and Baptist Penetticobra recreate the environment of an American campus. By using the clichés of a young generation addicted to their mobile phones and YouTube videos, the two filmmakers brush with humour the portrait of disillusioned students. Through a conversation or a sequence, each of them gives their perception of our times. The relevance of their speech and the impertinence of their vibrant remarks constitute the singularity of this project.




The filmmaker Dominik Ritszel was trained at the university of Silesia in Cieszyn and at the Katowice School of Fine Arts in Poland. His experimental films were presented in many international festivals, among which the Palais de Tokyo and the Gaité Lyrique in Paris. In 2014, he went in residence at the A-I-R Laboratory in Warsaw, where he created his film “Versus”. The Trieste Contemporanea Committee awarded him with the “Young European Artist” prize in 2015. His short film “Reverb” was selected for this 12th edition of the Young Creation Video-Cinema programme.


"Reverb" shows rural and urban spaces in which sounds and signs collapse. The noises that surround us, emphasised, resonate with those of our body and become organic. Impassive faces activate with muffled sounds produced vocally by the actors. Dominik Ritszel Dominik Ritszel superposes visual and acoustic environments, creating a surprising composition.




The filmmaker, scriptwriter, director of photography and editor Jean-Sébastien Bernard was trained at the CADASE audiovisual centre of Toulon. In his films, he focuses on the themes of memory, loss of control and changes of personality. In 2013, he created “Le Hérisson de verre”, a short film that was selected 43 times and received 6 awards abroad. His latest film, “Phantasms of the Living”, is presented at the occasion of the Young Creation Video-Cinema programme. 


One afternoon, at the swimming pool, a young girl in a red swimming suit is about to have her first date, an unexpected sharing of senses that will remain forever on her lips. In "Phantasms of the living", Jean-Sébastien Bernard wavers and swings from the private spaces of the changing rooms and showers to the public space of the pool. He turns the viewer into a voyeur of her intimacy. This film points out with relevance the discrepancy between expectations and reality when desire awakens, during adolescence.




Graduate of the Free Higher School for Cinematic Studies and the Sorbonne University in Paris, Sébastien Simon started as a film editor. Since 2011, he works in a nomadic way as a filmmaker while working with the Busan International Short Film Festival, the Jeju French Film Festival, the Seoul International Extreme-Short Image and Film Festival in Korea, as well as the Cinematic Encounters of Cavaillon in France. Sébastien Simon created “Vue de l’Esprit” (“One-Minded”) with Forest Ian Etsler. The short film will be presented in the framework of the 12th edition of the Young Creation Video-Cinema programme.



United States

Beneficiary of the grant programme Fullbright, Forst Ian Etsler settled down in South Korea, where he took part in the shooting and making of an international long documentary with a documentary production company based in Seoul. Since 2014, he is pursuing a Master’s degree in filmmaking at the Dongguk University in the framework of the Korean government’s study grant programme. Forest Ian Etsler and Sébastien Simon are currently finishing a new fiction short-film made in Korea in 2015 and called “The Troubled Troubadour”. They are also preparing a long documentary film called “The Kono Conundrum” dedicated to Tetsu Kono, a Japanese film-lover who shows an almost obsessional love for Korean cinema.


Two Korean women share a flat. One night, one of them brings home a man she met in a bar, while two burglars have entered the flat. The camera scans the space, creating multiple off-screen actions that escape from the viewer’s sight. The dramaturgy reveals itself into a game of hide and seek patterned by the ventilator’s oscillations.




The filmmaker, scriptwriter and actor Baris Akkoyun was trained as a performer at the University of Çukurova’s Conservatory, in Turkey. His projects question the notion of free will and the indecision of man when acting in front of his kind. He created “Eza”, a short film he made in 2015 and that will be presented at the occasion of the 12th edition of the Young Creation Video-Cinema programme. This film was first screened in Istanbul, in the alternative venue Arthere, where it stunned an audience that left the place deeply touched. 


On a road, dogs wander across the white line. Behind the windscreen, the driver watches them and, as he catches his own eye in the rear-view mirror, gets aware of his distress. With great restraint, Baris Akkoyun signs a dark and disturbing film that places itself between dogs and men. The characters’ ambiguity provokes a deep awkwardness that evokes the twists and turns of Turkish society, between freedom and prohibition.