Okuparte - (16/04/2004 ):
    Okuparte is a yearly art exhibition that occupies the space of the city of Huesca (Spain) from April 2nd to May 2nd , 2004.

    Installations and artistic performances are held in deserted places of the city centre: the seminary, a primary school, the military base, old shops (fish shop, hairdresser, butcher…)

    The “Okuparte 2004” catalogue will be printed by the end of April.



    Au fond

    “Au fond” is a night interactive video installation dedicated to a deserted shop in the city centre of Huesca. It displays videos of characters, projected on the shop window according to the people passing by.

    It is an intimate urban project. We are projecting the outside (people walking in a street, attracted by the contents of a shop window) from the inside for spectators who are outside. The videos emphasize the effect of coming from the depth of the shop when reaching the window, the passer-by.

    Thanks to our filming, our projection system and the diversity of the sequences, the Huescasian passer-by truly thinks that real persons are moving in the shop.

    “Au fond” represents the beginning of our series of interactive installations in shop windows.

    Félicie d’Estienne d’Orves & Donald Abad