Riiko Sakkinen - Everything I Don't Understand Must Be Sin (23/05/2004 ):
    Riiko Sakkinen
    In The Project Room

    Everything I Don't Understand Must Be Sin

    Drawings and Installation

    May 21 - June 21, 2004

    Opening reception: Friday, May 21, 7-10 PM
    Priska C. Juschka Fine Art is pleased to present Everything I Don't Know Must Be Sin,
    Riiko Sakkinen's first solo exhibition in the US of drawings and installation in the project room.

    Questioning the relationship between fiction and reality, Sakkinen intertwines the actual with the conceptual, resulting in a highly intricate body of work. His work resembles a novel, commenting inadvertently on the world we live in. It is created within the context of the artist's constant changing surroundings, moving from country to country, from the street to a workshop, from a museum to home, gathering in each location images and souvenirs, which are later used to create thought- provoking drawings and installations.

    Sakkinen's primary inspirations are those images most immediate to us all- the icons of popular culture- the vibrant colors of the fast food we eat, the flashy slogans of our advertisements and corporations and the lure of the sexy women on our products. The artist employs his inherent simplicity to the images, working and reworking his drawings in various locations, adding layers and often distorting them completely, at last creating a visual documentation of his experiences and intake on diverse, yet comparable environments.

    Riiko Sakkinen was born in Helsinki and lives and works in both Finland and Spain. He has participated in many residencies, solo and group exhibitions in Europe including the Helsinki City Art Museum, the Camden Arts Center in London, and the Fourth Triennial of Finnish Photography at the Amos Anderson Art Museum, Helsinki.