Contemporary Music, Electro-acoustics



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Conservatoire Supérieur de Musique de Saragosse (SARAGOSSE , Spain)

artistic process

A musical performance is always accompanied by silences, by actions, so many different languages that Angelo Sturiale has chosen to explore in his creations. He loves to be caught up in the idea that any arrangement, structure, mechanism or organism could become a musical composition, thereby revealing an unexpected world of sound. His compositions are musical transcriptions of the atmospheres, attitudes, movements and sounds in which he moves. They explore the relationship of sound and movement. His compositions are born out of the sounds emitted by the musicians and their environment (creaking, blowing, scraping noises). Inspired by their movements, he designs choreographies. For this exploration of the music and its frontiers, he relies on very diverse fields of expression and language. This research into an omnipresent musicality is transposed into scores written in a symbolic notation system that he has devised.