Donald ABAD

In residency at AKI (Academy of Art and Industry - Media department) in the Netherlands.

artistic project

Seeking to develop a multimedia creation that is not simply a contact with a machine, Donald Abad is anxious to experiment with new methods of creation. Finding himself alone in a strange universe, the artist initially went through a period of introspection. His studies led him to delve into the changes conveyed by the body and the influence of space on behaviour. Performing in his own role, the artist put himself as a stake, physically, in investing the space, architecture and the environment.


Donald Abad's work has been exhibited in an artistic venue in the city, the Villa De Bank. He made full use of the exhibition space, preparing two interactive installations, a nocturnal scene, a sound installation, and showed several videos. To explore interactive techniques even further, the artist is currently looking to become part of a research group.