park in progress 2004

Within the framework of the map programme, Park in progressbrought together about twenty European and Canadian artists to witness to the vitality of this new generation of creators working in the field of human relations and placing their interaction with the public as a major focus of their work. This unique event, in collaboration with Pépinières and injep on site in Marly-le-Roi, consisted in placing the nine hectares of the park at the disposal of artists working in live art and visual art, so they could create a nocturnal experience favourable to strolling, exchanging and sharing. Within this framework, the young artists took over the different areas of the park, eager to compare and enrich their experience. Old buildings, dense thickets, eerie woodlands and majestic trees all provided unending possibility for imagination and surprise. Performances half hidden in the trees, furtive video shows, festive lighting, interactive choreography, all these short sketches came together to create a nocturnal itinerary of light, movement, sound and image to delight, surprise and reunite the public. Over 750 people from Paris and surrounding areas were solicited by the artists and participated willingly in the different stages of this nocturnal reunion. Successively dancers, unwitting actors in unexpected events, amused audience, the public of all ages and experience, initiates and non-initiates, became actors for one night, responding to the various initiatives of the artists. Park in progress, which also reunited the groups Songliner and Lunes a la una, laureates of the European agency of young creators, marks the last phase of the 2001-2004 map programme. The unique nature of this event confirms the emergence of these new forms of expression. We are no longer looking at a few isolated experiences but at a whole new movement that questions the place of the artist within the human, social and economic contexts of our evolving societies. The greatmaturity of these young artists becomes evident through the themes of reflection that they propose. Their processes which aim excellence do not exclude any public. On the contrary, these artists are inviting all the publics to share the sensitive and moving intelligence of their proposals. In that way, they are suggesting the beginning of a new fruitful artistic cycle in which both artists and visitors are horizontally taking part. Tomorrow creation belongs to these young artists who are inventing a daring and innovating art in the opposite extreme of traditional conventions.

The European night of emerging creation - Park in progress - is an event conceived and produced by Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes, within the framework of the European agency of young creators, 5th event of the map programme, sponsored by the Culture 2000 programme of the European Commission. This event has been co-produced with INJEP.