MapXXL residencies : artists' experiences

The first laureates of the map XXl program experiment their residencies' projects, giving particular attention to the human, social and economic contexts in which they evolve during several months. Marie Maurel made a photographic work turning around Mihai Eminescu's poems during her residency at the Ipotesti memorial - Mihai Eminescu national centre of research in Romania.

Marie Maurel's photographic work is often close to the imaginary world of writers, like Bruno Schultz or Robert Walser, who inspired one of her previous work, « Schneewittchen ». Marie Maurel realized a project turning around the universe of the poet Mihai Eminescu during her residency at the Mihai Eminescu national centre of research, from July to September 2005. Her photographic process produced personal images based on her immersion into the Poet's context of life, without simply illustrating his texts. She took the opportunity to experiment a new relation with time : slowness. From her solitary walks and her encounters, she created a sensitive work that was presented at the end of her residency during an exhibition untitled « Elégie ».
In order to share her experience, she also created a blog, presenting her photographs and notes of her travel :

Also note, at Camden arts center, the end of Sandro Setola's residency. He dedicated his residency using drawings and sculptural installation to realise "club utopia", an architectural and utopian proposition. Always in Great Britain, at Aldeburgh residencies, Mayke Nas, a young Dutch composer, has also ended her residency.

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