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Launched last July, the mapXXL programme reveals a new generation of artists inventing tomorrow’s forms of expression. Its first laureates are already succeeding in their projects, like Gayle Chong Kwan, who is going to realize in Venice a work initiated during her four-months residency in Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto. Furthermore, Angelo Sturiale is going to Japan for a one-year residency, David Rolland orchestrated the opening ball of the Bordeaux’s TNT season, Justine Triet, Donald Abad and Aurélie Slonina’s works are exposed at the Bellevilloise and Ayelen Parolin’s at the Fondation Cartier. All these young artists reveal their desire for travelling and a real curiosity for the other. Cultural diversities are nourishing the projects they develop and make the quality of their productions. The Pepinieres’ actuality consists also in our participation at the Res Artis conference in Berlin, probably one of the most important and active artistic networks concerning creative venues. Several Asian structures’ representatives will participate in this conference. This will allow us to pursue our opening into the direction of these countries, rich, as we believe, in unexpected propositions. All these news seem promising to us and we want to share them with you in this new version of Artshock.
Patrice Bonnaffé

artists' experiences: Josée Pedneault

exhibition The conspiracy of the birds & other unexpected events

Laureate of mapXXL programme, Josée Pedneault is currently completing a residency at the Centre of Contemporary Art Zamek Ujazdowski in Warsaw from the 4th of January to the 25th of May 2006.

Josée Pedneault is interested in the power of evocation and association of images. Her artistic practice is articulated around poetic fictions, often presented as installations, where the viewer's sensibility, referents and memory are juxtaposed to the reality of the images.

The conspiracy of the birds & other unexpected events is a multimedia installation of images, videos, animations and sounds. The multi-projector installation presents images at random covering a large part of the architecture of the space. This immersive space invites us to consider the poetic relation between images, videos and sounds, carries us on an unexpected journey, and ultimately brings us to reconsider our relation to the world.

Josée Pedneault is also working on a web based project,, in collaboration with Christophe Collette. Inspired by the epistolary art and the recent blogs phenomenon, the two artists join their every day experience and turn it into an imagistic dialogue open to all those who want to share these impressions of far away places.

opening on the 21th of April
exhibition from the 21th of April to the 7th of May

Centre d'art contemporain Zamek Ujazdowski
Al. Ujazdowski 6
Warsawa 00-461
+48 22 628 12 71-3

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