results of the selection

The names of the laureates appear in normal letters in the above list and are organised by structures.
The names of the substitutes artists appear in italic letters in the above list and are organised by structures and by order.
The details of the projects developped by the artists are presented in the personal pages and on Artshock.

 to come
 in progress
 carried out
Finland Raumars (Rauma)
    Pauline Curnier-Jardin (France)
Chan Vi (United Kingdom)
Aurélie Amiot (France)
France Association Arcade (Fougères)
    Audrey Bakx (The Netherlands)
Daniela Krajcova (Slovakia)
Laura Pullig (United Kingdom)/
Camac centre d'art / Marnay Art Centre (Marnay sur Seine)
    Monique Hortsmann (The Netherlands)
Claire Fowler (United Kingdom)
Compagnie Songes (Valence)
    Hayli Clifton (United Kingdom)
Andreia Sofia Luis de Almeida (Portugal)
Ecole d’Art d’Aix en Provence (Aix-en-Provence)
    Daniel Silvo (Spain)
Lara Saxby (United Kingdom)
La Tête à l’Envers – l’arbre à nomades (Vincennes)
    Coline Vergez (Belgium)
Ilaria Salonna (Italy)/
Germany Schlesische 27 (Berlin)
    Isabelle Andreu (Spain)
Antoine Turillon (France)
Italy Comune di padova (Padoue)
    Belen de Miguel (Spain)
Malta St James Cavalier - Centre For Creativity (Valetta)
    Because of a modification in the project of the organization, the residency has been cancelled. The dossiers of the applicants will be reexamined regarding to new project of residencies. The delay of the realization of this project is not definitive yet.
For every further information, please contact the Pépinières
Portugal D’Orfeu- Associação Cultural (Agueda)
    Thierry Boutonnier (France)
Marianne Ruffié-Tannières (France)
Slovakia Truc Spherique (Zilina)
    Cyrille Trambouze (France)
Norbert Godon (France)
Arnaud Tanguy (France)
Slovenia Art Center - Institute for Culture, Art and Development (Prosenjakovci)
    Pawel Dziemian (Poland)
Alexandra Filiatreau (France)
Matt Ashdown (United Kingdom)
Anu Mattila (Finland)
Spain Municipalité de Huesca - Area de cultura (Huesca)
    Sandra Nakamura (Germany)
Françoise Vanneraud (France)
Masahide Otani (France)
Julia Grandegger (Austria)
The Netherlands Hotel Mariakapel (Hoorn)
    André Barbosa (Portugal)
Miklos Szilard (Romania)
Ministère de la culture et de la communication Ministère de la Jeunesse, des Sports et de la Vie Associative Youth Programme