the AIC programme

This programme is intended for emerging artists between 18 and 25 years old and takes place in the framework of the European voluntary service. It allows to carry out in a hosting organisation, during at a 6-month period or more, an artistic project focused on the social realities and life context. Through the development and the participation in local projects, the artists commit themselves in new forms of citizenship. This initiative is always realised in a different country from the artist's country of origin in order to propose him a new cultural environment that can enrich his artistic project. This programme which is implemented within the European Voluntary Service (EVS) programme, can be pursued through " Future Capital ".

the European Voluntary Service (EVS)

The European Voluntary Service is a programme set up by the European Commission, Directorate General education and culture. It is open to all young between 18 and 25 years of age, resident or national citizen of one of a European Union's State member. This programme must not be considered as a substitute to the military service but it lies in an alternative educational experience in a European context.

The European Voluntary Service is based on two concepts : - a new experience for the young, a new way to widen their horizons, to become acquainted with a new social and cultural context and to gain certain confidence in themselves ; - a participation in the development of local projects, which will be for the young the best way to integrate hosting community and to make sure that their activities have a real impact on the local community.

This programme is also an efficient mean to give the young another kind of education as well as training opportunities.

The Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes attempt to establish with all of the partners sites and the actors concerned, links for a close collaboration. For the Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes, this project is contemplated in duration and continuity. It should be an opportunity to open other research leads, to extend new potentialities and to constitute a network that should take an active part in the emergence of a new generation of artists who get involved, from their experience, in today's social realities context.

targeted public

This programme aims at emerging creators who are willing to develop an artistic project that implies the social reality sector and art in context.

It also concerns emerging artists who have wandered from a practice and who want to start over again their artistic process through a project that is focused on the exchange and the discovery of new forms of human relationships.

These young artists turn their creative ideas, energies and abilities to good account to reflect on, participate in and work on issues related to the community life, its cultural development from problems of general interest such as : * the fight against inequalities or exclusion of any kind, Aids, racism, the disadvantaged or handicapped, drugs, violence, environment...

The applications can contain various realisations and productions in all forms of expression : * dance, theatre, music, photo, visual arts, video, street theatre, design, multimedia...

The programme aims to favour cross cultures and mix of skills, pluridisciplinarity and interactivity within a horizontal relation with a local public.

characteristics of the hosting organisations

The hosting organisations are willing to carry through a local project with an artistic and cultural feature for which the participation of artists is advisable. The different combinations can be elaborated between the organisation, the partners and the artist.

The artist is able to : - participate in a project already set up and develop his project at the same time, - propose the organisation his own project, - imagine a crossed collaboration which required several kinds of outside partners.

selecting the young artists

The Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes endeavour to search for the best appropriateness between the artist's project and the hosting organisation's one. To do so, the Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes disseminate a call for applications in cultural centres, art schools, press magazines and among the network partners. This call lies in the detailed programme of each hosting residency. Then the artist can apply for one or several organisations.
A commission composed of personalities and professionals from the European artistic scene selects the candidates depending on their career, their motivation and the appropriateness that their project represents with the hosting organisation's.

In order to guarantee the consistency of this programme, the partner organisations are invited to decide on the selected applicants. Meetings are organised between the artists, the organisations and the professionals from the creation sector in Paris before the departure in residency.

identification and roles of the partners

The Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes institution relies on its network to set up the programme. It is also open to future and new partners who are keen on building a cultural and artistic policy in line with local social realities and the new concerns of the emerging creation.

the partnership system and the responsibilities The Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes : Setting up, management, co-ordination and evaluation of the programme. The hosting organisations or projects : Guiding, follow up and support for the creative process Taking care of the emerging artists' everyday life

financial set-up

The Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes : They take in charge the costs with respect to the emerging artists : - travel costs for the young ; - insurance (health, accident, public liability) ; - monthly allowance from 140 to 220 Euros calculated according to the chart established by the European Commission and on the basis of the cost of living in the hosting country. This indemnity is paid to the volunteers during the whole residency ; - the administrative, operation and general co-ordinating costs linked to the global project ; - the costs related to the organisation of meetings (selection, seminar, assessment) ; - a grant to the hosting organisations for the supervision of the artists.

The hosting organisations or projects : They cover the costs related to the realisation or the production of the artistic projects. They also take care of the board and lodging for the artists during their whole stay. This partnership system is flexible. Other local partners will have the possibility to be integral part of the project by offering support in kind, working places, materials or accommodation. Specific adjustments are obviously possible depending on the context of each site, the opportunities and the projects' features. A written contract established by the European Commission formalises this partnership between the artist, the hosting project and the co-ordinator (Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes). The moral and financial (or in kind) commitment from all the partners will guarantee the success and quality of this project. The goals to achieve in this project depend on the commitment and the active participation of each partner, who will also be able to exploit and gain profits on different levels (local development, integration of the young, exchanges among the young people, participation in building a European citizenship,...)


The European Commission will ensure that the educational value of the European Voluntary Service is widely recognised and will issue to each voluntary, at the end of the project, a certificate stating the abilities and the experience acquired. The Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes want this unique experience to take part in a exemplary way in the personal and professional blossoming of the emerging artists' who have chosen to involve themselves in this programme.