share, communicate, disseminate: the communication pole (from June 2005 to April 2008)

To promote understanding and awareness of the new approaches and productions of the young artists by a large public, various important events are being prepared.
These events constitute a genuine platform for dialogue and are the starting point of new co-productions.

Media partnerships, interactive database, written publications reinforce the communication and dissemination of these events.

  • European forum for emerging creation (Luxemburg - September 2007)
    Special event of mapXXL, this Forum invites broad public participation in the fertile and numerous adventures of a new generation of creators. An intense experience where multi-disciplinary creative projects are freely imagined, collaborative projects are sketched and a new way of relating to the public is established, based on encounter and relation to the other. The Forum reunites all the protagonists of the project.
  • arte y cohesión social en Europa - and social cohesion in Europe (Huesca, Spain - April 2006)
    Organised during the programme Okuparte, « arte y cohesión social en Europa - art and social cohesion in Europe » will present the most striking endeavours of these young artists who are developing projects within sensitive human and artistic environments and thus questioning the artist's role in society. A broad public will be invited to discover these new creative dynamics. It will participate jointly in the various workshops with the artists, the representatives of the artistic structures and the non-artistic organisations involved.
  • umění a nová média - art et nouveaux médias (Prague, Czech Republic - April 2007)
    Produced within the context of the festival ENTERmultimediale 2007, this event will produce a completely original video and new media programme. It will reunite laureate artists who work within this field and artists from the Czech Republic and adjoining countries. It will also host a discussion group of public, artists and experts to assess the «Art and Science» trend, reuniting artists and scientists in collaborative projects. Réalisée dans le cadre du festival ENTERmultimediale 2007, cette manifestation proposera une programmation vidéo et nouveaux médias inédite. Elle rassemblera des artistes lauréats qui explorent ce champ d'expression et des artistes de République tchèque et des pays voisins. Cet événement sera aussi l'occasion de rassembler publics, artistes et experts pour faire le point sur le courant « Art et Sciences » qui rapprochent artistes et chercheurs autour de projets de collaboration.
  • park in progress (Marly le Roi, France - July 2005 and June 2006)
    Young artists from various creative disciplines and map programmes laureates invite other young artists to produce and share a nocturnal journey on the 23 acre site of natural parkland of the National Institute for Youth. Park in progress attracts a large audience of amateurs and professionals and is yet another opportunity for the young artists to forge links with the public. In order to increase the number of produced artists and targeted public, this event will occur twice, and will each time be about different themes.
    artists, programme and photos of Park in progress 2 - 2nd of July 2005
  • les nuits européennes de la jeune vidéo - European nights of contemporary video (Biarritz, France - January 2006, January 2007 and January 2008)
    This event will present the new trends initiated by a young generation of artists who are particularly creative and promising. It focuses specifically on highlighting the new processes that operate subtle shifts between fiction and reality, solicit public participation, draw on other fields of expression and promote this means of expression to a higher place within the field of artistic creation.
    The European night of contemporary video aims to bridge a gap between emerging creators and professionals, for a lasting time.
    « emerging video - influences and shifts » - selections in progress
    projection of the pre-selection on the 5th of January 2006 in INJEP, Marly le Roi
    projection of the selection from 24th to 29th January 2006 in the frame of the programming emerging video of the Fipa, Biarritz
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