participating conditions

the tender for applications

The tender for applications for mapXXL mobility programme is open from January 3rd to March 26th 2005.

It concerns the residencies offered in the context of open art programme, Artshare and Okuparte.
Specific tender for applications will be launched for the artistes en entreprise (artists in the workplace) and European artistic trek projects at the end of the residencies, available to the laureate artists (which means artists that already have been involved in a Pépinières' programme - including mapXXL).

Caution : In the event that certain residencies offered in this tender for applications cannot take place for reasons outside of the control of Pépinières and whatever they may be, Pépinières bears no liability. However, those candidates that had been pre-selected for those specific residencies may be offered another residence, depending on availability of places. Their application for this new residency would again be subject to the usual procedure of pre-selection and selection.


In order to ensure artistic quality and harmony between the work of the resident artist and the goal of the host creative centre, the selection procedure will take place in 2 stages:
  1. The host structures will preliminarily establish a careful pre-selection of the applications.
  2. An international jury, composed of personalities and professionals from the art world, will choose the laureates from this pre-selection.

The selection criteria chosen for the various evaluation stages of the applications are as follows :
  • the quality of the candidate's career,
  • cohesion between the projects of the artist and of the structure,
  • the innovative nature of the artistic process,
  • cohesion between the artist's work and the objectives of the mapXXL programme i.e. methods that highlight multi-disciplinary creation and human encounter.

conditions of registration

general points

Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes, whose registered office is 9-11 rue Paul Leplat F-78164 Marly le Roi together with their partners, are organising a tender for applications for the mapXXL mobility programme.


A coordinator from each member country in Europe and North America represents the organisation. He is responsible for sourcing local funds, finding partner structures, providing information and distributing dossiers for candidature, collecting all the applications from the artists living in their country and organising pre-selection juries.

Certain new member countries (Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovakia and Slovenia) are represented by correspondents and not by national coordinators. In this case, it is the general delegation that manages the dossiers and coordinates the residencies, instead of the correspondents.

Contacts of the national co-ordinators and the general delegation.


The "Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes" competition is open to any artist between 20 and 35 years (born after March 13th 1969), native from or regularly working in one of the programme's 26 member countries.

Candidates may apply for one residency only, outside of their native country or the country where they work.

Laureates from previous programmes, formerly map or "artists in residence", cannot apply. In the event of litigation. the association has final decision.

sending of the application package

Registration can only be made by sending the completed dossier and required documents to :
  • the national co-ordinator of the artist's native country or country of work
  • the general delegation for artists native from or working in Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovakia and Slovenia.

enrolment fee

For some countries a registration fee is required and must be included with the application. It will not be reimbursed, regardless of the final selection. It must be paid as follows :
  • France : 10 EUR by cheque to "Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes"
  • Germany : 10 EUR by cheque to "Schlesische 27" or by credit transfer (please contact or +49 30 617 767 36 for account information)
  • Ireland : 5 EUR cash or cheque to "Crawford Municipal Art Gallery"
  • Portugal : 10 EUR by cheque to "Clube Artes e Ideias"
  • Romania : 15 EUR at UNITER offices


The application dossier can be downloaded from the Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes' website ( or will be available from the national co-ordinator. The deadline for submitting applications is March 26th 2005, post-marked before midnight. The pre-selections will take place in each partner country in April 2005. The international jury will be held mid May 2005. For the starting dates of the residencies, please refer to the technical files.

application refusal

Any package that does not comply with the regulation, is incomplete, or which enclosures do not respect the sizes and format indicated in the "constitution of the application package" part, will not be examined.

selection procedure

The selection is organised in two phases :
1st phase: pre-selection realised by the organisations for which the candidates apply for.
2nd phase: selection by an independent international jury composed of professionals.
The pre-selection committees and the international jury's decisions are irrevocable.

announcement of the results

The announcement of the laureates will be released at the end of the international jury meeting. Candidates selected by the international jury will be personally notified by post a few days following the jury.

application liability

Neither Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes nor the national co-ordinators carry any liability in the event of damage or loss of the dossiers or their attachments and enclosures.

Candidates are free to insure their material against these eventualities.

partnership agreement of the artists

A partnership agreement between the laureate of the programme and the organisers (Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes, host artistic organisation, local partners, national co-ordinator) will be established for each residency.

The selected candidates accept that the organisers publish and use their names for all promotional purposes and accept that they will not be able to claim any right or payment. The selected candidates will mention the "Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes" and all the local partners of the residency within the framework of the promotion of their works carried out during the mapXXL programme.

length of stay

The length of the stay is between 2 and 9 months (cf. technical forms).

creation price

Each laureate will receive a grant. The amount varies according to the residencies, it is indicated in euros (cf. description of the residencies). The amount could vary according to the exchange rates for the countries outside the euro zone.

additional rules / cancellation

During the competition, additional rules may be appended to the present regulations, of which they will be integral part.

The association "Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes" and the partner institutions reserve the right to shorten, defer, modify, extend or cancel the herein competition, whatever the grounds may be. They can in no way be liable for such occurrence.
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